Welcome to the Web-Installer for WLED on QuinLED boards!

QuinLED-Dig-Quad Section

To prepare, please remove power and then unplug the QuinLED-ESP32 board from your Dig board

  1. Plug in your QuinLED-ESP32 using a USB-C cable to a USB port on your computer
  2. Select board version you want to flash from pull-down menu
  3. Hit "Install" and select the "USB Serial (COMx)". No device found?
  4. Custom QuinLED pre-configured WLED is installed within 3 minutes!

All versions below have the SoundReactive usermod installed.

Because of GPIO pins used WiFi configuration needs to be done using WLED-AP (password: wled1234)

If you wish to download a custom .bin file for OTA flash, you can find them here

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And a huge thank you to WLED